Another Third Party Option

By: Harshawn Ratanpal · August 29th 2019 · New View on: The Overlooked Third Party Option

While Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party came in 3rd place in the 2016 election, Jill Stein of the Green Party came in 4th place with 1,457,218 votes, or 1.07%. Another prominent third party, the Green Party intends to participate in the 2020 election, and some active candidates for its nomination already announced.

One can find out about the Green Party at their website, gp.org. There, one can find out about their platform, which highlights their “Ten Key Values.” Additionally, four pillars, democracy, social justice, ecology, and peace, are highlighted within the platform as well. Some specific policies include “public financing of elections,” “a living wage and a real safety net, getting “off of fossil fuels and renewable energy,” and cutting our military budget “dramatically.”

One of the candidates for the third party is Howie Hawkins, a founding member of the Green Party. His website, https://howiehawkins.us, has complete details of his policies.

Hawkins’ calls for the “socialization of key economic sectors”. Some of these include the federal reserve, big banks, health care, the arms industry, and power utilities. More policy positions include an end to the war on drugs, higher corporate tax rates, and reintroducing nuclear disarmament on the global agenda.

“Howie is clear that the only way to create a just society and to save our environment is for us to build toward ecosocialism,” his website wrote.

Ian Schlakman is another Green Party candidate. According to his campaign website, schlakman.com, he is “proudly socialist and anti-imperialist.”

While his platform in full can not be found on his website as of yet, reoccurring themes of socialism, workers’ rights, and environmental protection can be found in his views.

If you are left unsatisfied when deciding whether to cast blue or red at the ballot box, know that other colors, like Green, are options.


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